14 January 2021 | from Santam's CBI Webinar

Santam issued a Q&A and Explainer Series following their CBI webinar, which provides information about the CBI claims assessment process. Their aim is to provide policyholders with as much information as possible.  The Explainer Series addresses several questions which Santam have received or anticipated from policyholders.

Please view the answers by clicking on the respective ANSWER buttons.

When will I have a claim for business interruption resulting from COVID-19 and the lockdown?

Why is Santam only assessing CBI claims in its Hospitality and Leisure division, H&L?

When will Santam confirm its approach to CBI claims assessment and settlement on non-H&L claims?

Will Santam pay claims for Cancellation of Bookings (COB)?

If I do have a valid claim for Contingent Business Interruption, what factors will influence the quantum of my claim?

Considering the Ma-Afrika ruling, why is only a three-month indemnity period applied for H&L policies?

How do I formulate a Contingent Business Interruption claim and lodge it with Santam?

Will a claim still be considered if my client’s business has gone into liquidation?

How must I prove COVID-19 exists or existed within the defined radius of my premises?

How long will it take for my claim to be paid?

Can I expect any interim payments while I wait for my claim to be paid?

How is VAT affected by the conversion of the relief payment to an interim claim payment?

How can I track the progress of my claim?

What are the escalation processes if needed?

Download the full SERIES here.