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About LLMA Consultants PTY LTD:
LLMA Consultants PTY LTD is a South Africa-based, professional consulting services company.
We strive to provide a quality service to increase risk awareness and health and safety in all industries. We operate within the framework of a professional code of conduct and ethics.
The company is conversant with changes in the construction, industrial, aviation, health and safety environments/people with disabilities-reasonable accommodation and emergency planning and it acquaints itself with their dynamics for its services to benefit all clients. The company keeps abreast of the latest developments in building legislation, national standards, codes of best practice, development and testing of building materials, risk management and training to enhance the quality of its services.
Our vision is to be an innovative, objective, and professional service provider that enhances workplace health and safety/hygienic and medical services , in such a way that all South Africans are safe.
LLMA Consultants PTY LTD is founded on principles of honesty and integrity. The company aims to provide clients with the best advice and service. We recognize the need to respect clients’ individuality, build relationships and provide solutions that best meet their requirements. All clients are assured of a professional service that is timeously rendered, relevant and of a standard that meets or exceeds their expectations.
• Altruistic towards all industries
• Confident in participation on relevant committees and workgroups
• Competent in assessment of risk and compliance
• Uncompromising in legal compliance and safety
• Safety conscious in all endeavours
• Healthy relationships are core to the development of the company
• Environmental impact is always considered
• Risk assessment and mitigation
• Quality, professional opinion, and recommendations are provid
LLMA Consultants PTY LTD - Quality Management System 2
LLMA Consultants PTY LTD offers a range of services to both the private and public sectors/ Nationally as well as Internationally. We respond to clients’ complex challenges with seamless efficiency. We help manage and mitigate risk and improve workplace safety.
We assist clients in developing health and safety plans/emergency evacuation/wellness to enhance business continuity and we consult on life safety related solutions. The close relationship helps clients improve workplace environments and reduce business interruptions when an emergency incident occurs.
An overview of our services is given below:
• Risk Assessments
• Legal Compliance Surveys
• Ergonomic surveys
• Aviation safety courses
• Aviation Quality assurance
• Reasonable accommodation- people with disabilities
• Evacuation Procedures/Evacuation Procedure Implementation and Training
• First aid training courses (all levels)
• Basic Fire Training
• Primary health care
• Conflict and anger management
• Stress management
• Cognitive behavioural therapy/Drug rehabilitation programs
• Pandemic planning/epidemiology plans
• Wellness planning/health care
• Legal Compliance audits (Health and safety)
• Conferences

Our team has over 55 years combined experience in medical consulting, fire safety/health and safety and emergency response. Our team has experience in aviation airport rescue firefighting (ARFF) /firefighting/ health and safety audits/designing and presenting courses in all safety disciplines, at all levels/setting up medical clinics/ management products, people with disabilities in the workplace.