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Wine, Dine & Leisure

underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company

As a restaurant owner, you focus on your customers and the service you provide - not neccesarily on whether or not your insurance policy gives adequate cover should something go wrong.  That's why we help you manage your risk better - by tailoring an insurance product specifically for restaurants.

Cover highlights

- Theft cover of up to R20 000 (subject to forcible and violent entry or exit).

-  Power surge cover up to R50 000.

-  External blinds, signs, canopies and outdoor furnishings cover of up to R50 000.

-  Stock in transit up to R5 000.

-  Property belonging to employees up to R5 000.

-  Damage caused by the escape of beverages is covered up to R20 000.

-  Loss of profit  due to hindered access, franchisor conditions, eat-and-run (bilking),  loss of liquour license ect.

-  Liability cover includes food and drink liabilities, employers liability, security firms, facilities offered at the restaurant etc.

-  Car breakdown assistance, and emergency electrical and plumbing repairs are included.

These are just some of the elements which make this insurance policy sooooo tasty. Ask us for more!

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