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Bryte's 3-month premium relief
for Hospitality clients

In response to the servere financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bryte's hospitality clients now have the option of delaying their premiums, and paying back their premiums over a stipulated period of time. Read more

Business interruptions insurance

The impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry is already visible. The Bryte BnBSure, Boutique Stay, Wine Dine & Leisure, and Tours & Transfer policies all provide some cover for loss of bookings, but only in very specific circumstances. Read More.

General exclusion notice

Bryte Insurance Company's approach to new requests for cover: - The covers and extensions requested will be provided subject to a policy level general exclusion in regards to COVID-19. Read more.

Liability insurance
a must for hospitality

A guest trips and falls in a toilet cubicle due to a step not being clearly
marked. She sustains severe injuries and sues.  What happens now...?

It's finally official!
Here is the full travel advisory for travelling with minors to SA

International minors travelling to South Africa no longer require Unabridged Birth Certificates or consent letters when travelling with their parents. 

Bryte Newsletter

Product/Policy Changes and All Things Hospitality


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