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Letters from our clients.

"Dear Willem, Daneel

We have to once again congratulate you for what you have achieved for your clients against all odds.  It is this kind of service that is so rare to find, and we are grateful to you for taking the bold step but more driving the process to such a point where the insurer had no other option to concede.  We again want to thank you both for taking this leap of faith in your ability to take on the big Guns at no financial gain and we can assure you that we will tell as many people as possible about this world class service.  Congratulations for showing such integrity in these difficult times, an we are sure that you will be rewarded in the future. You can be so proud of Olive Brokers and all its people, but more Willem and Daneel for what you did for us as your clients. Regards."

“Good morning .  This is just to express gratitude for the way you have assisted. The money was ultimately shown on the account. Much appreciated. "

“Thanks so much Daneel, it's been great being a client of yours and Bryte for the short time I've been with you.  Wish you all the best over the period too. Best regards"

"Thanks for your great service Sevy, I just got paid out last night. I appreciate the personal effort on your part and you following up until it was paid. You guys are the best! "

“Thank you once again for your efficient and exceptional service. I am so blessed to have you in my life. 

"Hi Daneel. I am not sure what to say – thank you does not seem enough under the circumstances. I am sure that without you I would not have achieved this. I thank God every day that I managed to find you again and get back with someone professional looking after my insurance matters. With much love for all your kindness to me. With service like yours Olive Brokers can only go from strength to strength."

"Ek wil jou graag persoonlik bedank vir die aandag en moeite wat jy gedoen het om ons saak op te los. Ek betaal minstens 50 jaar al aan verskering en het nog nooit so 'n makelaar soos jy gehad wat die klient se belange op die hart dra nie."

"Ek wil jou net weer bedank vir die puik diens wat ons van jou ontvang het. Jy het regtig moeite gedoen met die eis... "

"Good luck and we will give you all the support you need from the NAA-SA side, as it is important to be part of support systems like the NAA-SA and trustworthy people like Olive Brokers."
Goeie More Daneel en Simone.  Graag wil ons julle net bedank vir die flinke diens en die inbetaling van die geld dit wys vandag in die rekening. Julle is tops en ons sal julle met groot vrymoedigheid aanbeveel."

"Thank you for your support and assistance throughout the years you are truly a blessing to our association."

"Hi Daneel. Thanks as always for your very prompt reply and amazing service."

Dear Daneel. As always – you did a sterling job of informing the industry on the importance of business interruption cover – we applaud you for your absolute passion. We are proud to have you as a member of FEDHASA – knowing that whenever anyone needs help with insurance, we can recommend them to you with a glad heart. You are an absolute gem and we want you to know that we appreciate you. Not even to speak of your great big heart – even allowing us to travel with you – we are truly privileged, thank you ever so much Daneel. We know that God’s richest blessings will always rest upon you, your loved ones and your business."

"Hi and THANK YOU she is an amazing and enthusiastic person - what a pleasure!!!!"

"Morning Daneel. Thank you for handling my claim it was excellent."

"Morning Daneel. Thank you for your support.We know why we chosen you"
"Hi Daneel. I love the service you offer so I am considering taking up your offer with BnB Sure for peace of mind, even if it is more expensive."

"Baie dankie vir jou uitstekende diens!"

"Halo daar. Dit is baie goeie nuus en bevestig weer ek het die regte polis en beslis die regte makelaar. Groete"

"Halo Daneel. Dankie vir die moeite en puik diens. Dit is werklik 'n plesier om met jou sake te doen."

"Goeie more Daneel. Baie dankie vir die eisvorm gister. Sjoe amper klaar ingevul ook. Ek moet regtig sê, jy is regtig goed in jou werk. Ek waardeer die diens regtig baie. Ek sal so gou as moontlik dit terug stuur.
"Hi Daneel. Baie dankie! Die geld wys reeds in ons rekening! Ek dink nie jy kan enigsins op jou diens verbeter nie – dis reeds puik! Baie, baie dankie! Lekker naweek vir jou en jou gesin xxx"
"Daneel. Ek wens al die makelaars was soos jy. Jy het werklik ‘n indruk gemaak op my. Jy gaan uit jou pad en doen alles
so volledig moontlik. Baie dankie vir al jou moeite. Ek hoop al jou kliente waardeer jou vir wat jy doen.
"Dear Daneel. Thank you so much for the excellent service rendered while I was on holiday. We will certainly keep the contact detail of Petunia Appana close by for future use and recommend the service to others as well."
"Dear Daneel. Where do we begin to thank you? Thank You seems such a small word to describe our absolute gratitude for your wonderful support. Yesterday’s Workshop was outstanding – thank you for your excellent presentation given. We are so grateful and proud to have had you participate – thank you ever so much. We trust and believe that it will result in much more great business coming your way!! You certainly will be blessed for your self-less giving. Thank you too for allowing us to travel with you. We appreciate it more than words could ever say. Plus we have the extra bonus and blessing of being in your company there and back – thank you ever so much."
"Dear Daneel. You are so efficient and professional."
As per our meeting today, should anyone want to contact Daneel at Olive Insurers, her email is:
Without her valuable assistance I would certainly not have been able to deal with my unfortunate situation last year.
She is professional and knows the product inside out, and I am confident that her knowledge & expertise will result in a financial saving for your establishments too.
Baie dankie vir jou spoedige diens. As ek kon, sou ek graag vir jou en jou span 'n prys wou gee.