The Gourmand Awarded recipe book by Adele Maartens

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Gourmand Awarded My Vegetarian Braai 
recipe book by Adele Maartens
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Are you stuck for a Christmas Gift Idea? No problem! It’s not too late to get your copy of the Gourmand Awarded “My Vegetarian Braai” by author Adele Maartens. 
It’s not the intention of the author to convert carnivores, but rather to broaden the horizons of every braaier - the ones who enjoy preparing meals for their families and friends, and those who look at the photos and say: “I can make that!”
With the growing trend of eating plant-based foods, the chances are that at some stage you will need to cater for a vegetarian or vegan. This book gives you new ideas and delicious recipes to satisfy the taste buds of every guest at your table. Even meat-eaters will be seduced by these tasty recipes, which make brilliant side dishes to accompany any meal.
If not a Christmas gift, then why not a New Year’s gift!

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